• At KADA we welcome parents and volunteers while making sure our school is safe and that students learning time is not interrupted. There may be times when you will be visiting the KADA campus during school hours (to meet with a teacher, or in a family emergency, etc.) KADA’s Visitor’s Policy requires that all visitors check-in at the gate and exchange their civil I.D. for a visitor’s badge.
  • Visitors to the school need to come directly to the Reception and check in with the receptionist. If you have an appointment with a teacher please check in and a designated person will escort you to meet with the teacher or the teacher will meet you in the office. We appreciate your support in this matter.
  • Visitors are always welcomed to our school but must have prior arrangement with the administration.
  • All visitors are required to sign in and show an ID at the security gate and present themselves to the reception office upon arrival and receive a Visitor card.

No visitor is allowed at any time to roam the school unauthorised or unescorted, as this exposes our students to a great risk. Not only does this help to minimize class disruptions, but it also helps keep our campus a safe place for all of our students.

Keeping Us Informed

Parents are asked to keep the school informed of any change that may occur to their home or telephone contact details.

We will use this information to double–check and update the details held within our database.