Kinder Garten

“Everyone is an achiever”
Welcome to Modern British School

It is wonderful to be back to school. A very warm welcome to our entire Community, our returning faculty is thrilled to work and to see the smiling faces of our students. We have also welcomed new faculty members. They bring with them a wealth of international experience and we look forward to the many contributions they will make.

Our school provides a friendly and safe environment where each of our students can grow in a place that understand their needs, develop their skills and prepares them to achieve their goals in life.

We are proud to offer a high standard competitive education, as we foster academic, religious and personal development.

We believe that every student is a valued global citizen, and so it is important to uphold the school’s values of Integrity, Respect, Leadership and Excellence. By emphasizing these values, we hope to promote not only academic excellence and student performance, but also instill in students the value of service to others and personal pride.

To build on our partnership with parents, we encourage you to be an active participant in your son or daughter’s education. Throughout the year, we encourage you to be in close contact with your child’s teachers. When questions or problems arise, never hesitate to contact us. We encourage you to participate in our parent-teacher conferences and to keep up-to-date on important events.

We look forward to seeing each of you over the course of this upcoming school year. At any time, feel free to stop by, to ask questions, or to share your comments or concerns. Your feedback is most valued and is vital as we continue to make academic excellence at Mallawi Modern British School our first priority.

Welcome to the 2017-18 school year!

The information in this handbook is designed to provide valuable details regarding KG department Procedures and the rights and responsibilities of KG students in Mallawi Modern British School.

I hope it serves as a resource for you and your student(s) during the school year.

Our goal of promoting student excellence in a safe, positive environment is shared. Our school has developed and implemented a school-wide discipline plan, which emphasizes students being safe, respectful and responsible during the school day. This unified approach to addressing the needs of students is an example of what makes our KG schools so successful.

The success of our schools also depends on positive collaboration between home and school so I invite.

You to visit your school often take part in school activities and show an interest in your child’s progress.

Please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or principal if you have any questions or concerns.

It is my sincere wish that we all work together in fostering positive learning experiences for students.

Head of kindergarten School.

The information mentioned in this handbook is essential for the welfare of our students. Thus you’re supposed to read its contents carefully with your son/daughter, and keep it as a reference during the school year.

To provide a quality educational service which will prepare a morally upright and creative generation capable of the building and development of our community and nation.

We, KADA Modern British School, deliver an edge of ‘values based’ educational solutions in a caring and safe environment, as well as, incorporate technology to guarantee experiential and real life simulation learning, hence, we grant our stakeholders the students who are up to challenges, active citizens and responsible humans of the world.

Focus Groups Findings:

  • Instilling in every student a desire to learn, take risks and accept challenges with openness and enthusiasm.
  • Providing a caring and safe environment in which children learn independently and discover their own unique capabilities.
  • Deliver an edge of educational solutions that build characters, careers and social effectiveness.
  • Incorporating technology in the educational process to guarantee an ultra-modern, up to date graduate.
  • Achieving the highest standards of intellectual and personal development through stimulation and comprehensive programs as well as simulation and experiential learning.
  • Providing our students with a strong value-based culture that brings them to appreciate humanity and become active citizens and responsible humans of the world.

Instilling the qualities needed for our students to lead the future.

Empowering our students to reach excellence, take the initiative, become a highly competitive citizen and an integral part of tomorrow’s technological development.

Nurture our identity features, fosters the belonging to our culture and respect differences.

Equipping our students with the highest standards of ethics by fostering honesty, integrity, justice, respect towards life and adherence to the law, thereby encouraging a healthy, safe and responsible life style.