Uniform Policy

In order to create a consistent and safe environment free of distractions, the school has developed a Dress Code and supporting Uniform Policy. This Dress Code offers an enhanced focus on academics and provides our students with a learning atmosphere free of “personal appearance” distractions. Our goal is to increase student academic achievement through all of our school programs

KADA students are required to be in uniform at school:

  • The school uniform is the official uniform and it is consists of a long dark blue trousers and green t-shirt with long sleeves or half sleeves and dark blue jacket with the school logo.
  • Socks and stockings should be white or blue or black.
  • Girls are not allowed to wear nail polish
  • All students must keep their nails trimmed at all times.
  • Boys are not allowed to have odd haircuts; they should keep their hair short.
  • All the hair ribbons and ties must be the same color as the school uniform
  • It is totally forbidden to wear any jewelry (Jewels or Gold)
  • The school shoes must be flat and black or dark blue; Runners of the same colors are permitted. No other colors are permitted.
  • Personal Hygiene is essential keep your child clean at all times.
  • PE Uniform can only be used in the day of the PE
  • Students’ jacket and training tops must be labeled. The school is not responsible for any lost unlabeled belongings.
  • The name tag must be worn and kept well at all times during the school year.

Consequences for students not in uniform include:

  • First time – A note will be sent to parents indicating the child is out of uniform
  • Second time – A parent will be called to bring a change of clothing.