The parents meeting with the teachers:
We are proud to open a communication channel with the parents and the teacher to help parents know better about their child.

The school conducts a public parents meeting with the teachers twice during the academic year, one in each semester.

The teacher should have enough time to recognize the personality of the child and his/her learning capacity before that meeting, the teacher may ask for an individual meeting if he/she noticed that your child has a problem that needs to be solved urgently.

At KADA Modern British School we believe that good communication between the school and parents is essential for the welfare of the student both academically and psychologically. We believe in the shared responsibility for both of us.

(Telephone Call Report) call the PR office and fill a form (We reply within 24 hours /2 working days)

Through the reception personnel to meet the supervisors, heads of schools and the principal on the assigned weekly times.

Starting from the first day, you will find with your child a channel book through which all communications will occur, make sure to check it daily and feel free to write any comments, it is the teachers priority to make sure that all the comments have been answered However you may call the Public Relations Department and leave a telephone call report about your complain or inquiry.

At the end of the month we will send a report about your child performance during the month.

You have to call the P.R department.

01060255653 – 01287783374
2636243 – 2636242

Teachers are not allowed to give their phone numbers to any of the parents; communications should take place only through the above-mentioned channels.

Parents are asked to keep the school informed of any change that may occur to their home or telephone contact details.

We will use this information to double–check and update the details held within our database.