The main purpose of Discipline is to modify the child behavior by enforcing the concept of following rules and the concept of self-discipline, all teachers must apply the corrective measures and make sure that the student understands the reason behind the consequence that took place. Corrective measures are to be applied on a levels hierarchy to make sure that the repeated misbehavior receives more severe consequence.

This Discipline policy is created by the school based on the international standards. The MOE (Ministry Of Education) has no relative guidelines.

In order to show respect, maintain safety, and focus on learning, the student will:

  1. Follow directions at all times.
  2. Speak using polite language, volume, and tone.
  3. Respect other belongings at all times.
  4. Be where I am supposed to be.
  5. Take care of school property and personal belongings.
  6. Walk quietly in the hallways so I do not disturb other classes.

Each time a student makes a mistake, he will take a red card and this will be documented by the psychologist and after 3 cards, a corrective measure will take place, the parent will be informed every time the child receives a card.

Every time the student makes something helpful or good to the school community, a red card will be cancelled; this teaches the student to do his/her best to correct the improper attitude.

Students will be recognized for their good deeds and will receive stars accordingly; students with the highest number of stars will be honored once every two weeks.

Competitions will be held between classes by the class teachers, the highest two classes will be recognized and rewarded.