The prime concern of the school is safe transport to and from school. Each student is entitled to have a safe, comfortable and pleasant ride between home and school. To achieve this goal, there must be cooperation on the part of parents, bus matrons, drivers and the students. Parents are reminded to be sure that their child obeys the directions of the bus matron and the driver.

All school rules apply on the school bus. If a child does not obey the rules of the bus, uses inappropriate language or is habitually late in the morning or afternoon, the bus riding privilege may be revoked.

  • The school has the responsibility to drive the students from and to school according to the address in the application only.
  • Kindly take the student from the bus as the matron can’t deliver him
  • The child is not allowed to take any other bus, only his bus.
  • The child has to wait for his bus in a certain location five minutes before, as the bus won’t wait for any student isn’t in his location or time.
  • If the address occasionally changed for any reason the parent is responsible for his kid transportation.
  • If you plan to pick up a child that normally rides the bus you must notify the administration with a written note. Don’t ask your child to give us this information because children often become confused and give information incorrectly. If no written note is received, your child will be sent home by the usual methods.

The registered students should:

  • Not escort unregistered students on the bus for any reason, unless there is an approval from the school administration.
  • Registered students cannot swap buses unless approved by the administration.
  • In order to keep the bus on time, students are to be ready 5 minutes before the bus arrival time.
  • It is not allowed to the primary stage kid to get with the KG stage kid even he is registered.
  • It is completely prohibited to send anything to school with the bus matron.
  • Don’t get out of the bus at another student’s house at any time and for any reason.
  • Treat the driver and the bus matron respectfully.
  • Keep the heads and hands inside the bus all the time.
  • Talk & laugh with a low voice on the bus.
  • Don’t talk to any person in the street or other drivers beside the bus.
  • “We don’t talk to strangers”
  • When you need anything talk to the bus matron only.
  • Keep your bus clean and intact.
  • Listen to the bus matron’s instructions.
  • We must use only polite words at all times.

In order for the bus service to be regular, organized, safe, and punctual there are some rules we have to follow:

  • In case of any problem related to the bus kindly inform the PR department, it is totally prohibited to deal with the driver, matron or any student on the bus.
  • The parent must not get on the bus for any reason.
  • Parents are not permitted to give orders to the bus driver or the bus matron.
  • The parents must not deal with any child on the bus except their child.
  • Any updates in the student’s address or route must be communicated to the administration through the PR department which will seek approval from the transportation manager if feasible, the request might be refused due to lack of fit.
  • In some cases the bus might not be able to reach the house due to narrow streets or hazard moves, accordingly the bus will wait in an agreed upon point previously approved by the administration.
  • The bus is not allowed to leave the student in front of the house, the student should be delivered to his parents, so incase the parents are not available the bus will take the student back to school, and the parents must come and pick him/her from the school.

Our buses are safe and sometimes buses may come late due to the following.

  • Crowded roads
  • Weather Issues
  • Road maintenance
  • Broken Bus
  • Accident on the road

In such cases parents will be informed by the bus matron.