• A successful school experience is the responsibility of children, parents and school. Your child’s progress both academically and socially is influenced to a great extent by a daily activities. So the student shouldn’t be absent except for emergencies.
  • Being absent for more than three successive days, a medical report must be handed mentioning reasons of absence.
  • Students must be at school 5 minutes before the morning line.
  • In emergencies only, student may be late, but not being late to attend the first period otherwise he/she won’t attend the school day.
  • Late students must go to the Public Relation department with a written excuse.
  • Early dismissal: no students are allowed to leave the school before 1:30 pm. If the student has to be dismissed the parent has to fill a form at the administration office.
  • Please complete the form in your enrollment packet indicating who is authorized to pick up your child. In case of any change, you have to call the administration office (an hour before dismissal).