Academic Policy

  • The first session starts at 7:50 am, the school day contains 9 sessions (basic sessions and activities) each session is 45 minutes, the school day has 2 breaks each break is 25 minutes.
  • Every Sunday, there will be a quiz in different subject and it will be fixed all the year.
  • All student books (educational) should be brought back to school on Sunday and taken back home on Thursday every week.
  • The school timetable and the quiz timetable with the handbook to follow up with your kids.
  • The weekly plan will be sent every Thursday of each week in all subjects.

Curriculum Directions:

  • Revision sheets without answers will be released at the end of the semester and prior to the exams for the purpose of extra practice, Questions in the sheet will not be included in the exam.
  • An answered version of the sheet will be sent with the students to enable the parents to support their child.
  • The material covered during the semester will be sent with the students before the exam.
  • The exam timetable will be sent as soon as we receive it from the educational govern orate.
  • Homework is given as an extra practice on the concepts given in the classroom.
  • Homework is an indicator to check the student’s understanding, effort, and self-dependency, and it shouldn’t become a burden to stress the students nor the parents.

Homework covers the main subjects like English, Arabic and Math as well as some extra activities and oral work in the weekends.