Elemetary School

“Everyone is an achiever”
Welcome to the British Modern Language School

Dear Parents and students;
Welcome to all of our parents in Malawi Modern British School, this handbook is a reference, which we hope it can answer all of your questions about the system and the rules of the school.

One of our most important targets for the primary stage is to provide our students with the care they need in a positive competitive safe environment where he/she can grow and improve academically and socially, and we have to adopt a school system that will help in achieving these goals. We will expect that your kind self will help us and follow the rules and instructions in this handbook.

Head of Elementary School.

To Parents
The information mentioned in this handbook is essential for the welfare of our students. Thus you’re supposed to read its contents carefully with your son/daughter, and keep it as a reference during the school year.

Our Vision
To provide a quality educational service which will prepare a morally upright and creative generation capable of the building and development of our nation.

Our Mission
We, British Modern Language School, deliver an edge of ‘values based’ educational solutions in a caring and safe environment, as well as, incorporate technology to guarantee experiential and real life simulation learning, hence, we grant our stakeholders the students and graduates who are up to challenges, active citizens and responsible humans of the world.

Our Core Values
Instilling the qualities needed for our students to lead the future.

Empowering our students to reach excellence, take the initiative, become a highly competitive citizen and an integral part of tomorrow’s technological development.

Identity & Belonging
Instill and nurture our identity features, fosters the belonging to our culture and respect differences.

Responsible Citizenship
Equipping our students with the highest standards of ethics by fostering honesty, integrity, justice, respect towards life and adherence to the law, thereby encouraging a healthy, safe and responsible life style.